Piksel Guard

11Architectural Framework

Architectural Framework

The Architectural Framework is the core of the solution because it hosts all the different DRM technologies.

11Administration Interface

Administration Interface

The Administration Interface permits the configuration of the software system, including the default license properties that the system releases. 

11Adoption of a set of APIs

Adoption of a set of APIs

The set of APIs allows the integration of any external third party components such as policy verification modules and encoder/transcoder.

11Encryption modules

Encryption modules

The Encryption Modules are fundamental because they allow to use different DRM technologies when content encryption is not directly performed as part of the encoding/transcoding processes.

11Easy integration

Easy integration

The solution can be easily integrated with encoder/ transcoder of third-party vendors for the exchange of encryption secrets.

11Client device implementation

Client device implementation

The implementation of the client device allows the playback of the DRM protected content on a number of different types of devices.

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The multi-DRM that you can trust

GUARD by Piksel is a ready-to-use, extensible, easy to integrate and configurable Multi-DRM software tool. It is based on a complex architecture that is able to support different DRM technologies. It is a tool that allows on one side to encrypt video contents and manage the encryption keys and, on the other side, to provide licenses to the authorized players. 


How it works

GUARD by Piksel is a modern, reliable, mature and referenced implementation of multiple DRM technologies such as Microsoft PlayReady, Widevine Modular DRM and Marlin Broadband. Piksel Guard fully supports future proofed technologies such as MPEG-DASH and CENC. 

  • Microsoft PlayReady
  • Widevine
  • Marlin Broadband
  • FairPlay
  • WisePlay
  • HLS+AES128

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    Why GUARD by Piksel

    • Ready to use
    • Extensible
    • Easy to integrate and configurable

    Piksel has a large experience in video distribution solutions based on multiple DRMs and as such we can support our customers on the multiple phases of a DRM project, from its design up to its deployment. This enables you to focus on your business, not on DRM.


    Multi DRM

    It provides full implementation with all major DRM technologies and fully supports all main video formats – this means you can support virtually any device type.



    It provides open interfaces that allow the integration with any third-party encoder/ transcoder and Rights Verification module.



    It makes easier to build a video distribution solution being flexible in the definition of license properties.



    It provides secure communication between server and client exploiting the proprietary formats and protocols implemented by the supported DRM technologies.



    It assures full control of destination platform and application.

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