Starting from the idea of centralising content manage- ment and optimising resources, the use of Piksel VCMS2 has been fundamental for achieving this goal. Thanks to the introduction of a single tool for the management of web pages and mobile app contents, SEA has managed to increase retention rate on mobile sites and devices of over 25%, while experiencing the streamline of the communication team’s daily operations (e-channel). In fact, thanks to the introduction of our advanced WYSIWYG editor, the teams are now able to update the institutional portals quickly and easily.

Furthermore, the Piksel VCMS2 is the main mobile app driv- er. Thanks to its integration with the internal airports’ sys- tems, it is able to convey real-time information, such as cru- cial passenger information or commercial advertising.This system also allowed SEA to improve its performances in the sale of secondary products and to increase the sales of its e-commerce services of over 120% during the first year after the adoption of the Piksel VCMS2.


The use of VCMS2 has allowed the management of multimedia con- tent through a single platform.This efficient system has made it possible to optimise the management of crucial information for passengers on the vari- ous content distribution channels.

Users now have the opportunity to take advantage of a wide variety of information and services, every- thing at their fingertips.

SEA Milan Airports

SEA manages the second most important Italian airport hub, consisting of the Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa airports. Over 35 million passengers annually choose these airports as a reference for their travels.